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Heather Monroe
Welcome readers! Heather Monroe is a genealogist and writer who resides in California with her partner and their nine children. •True Crime• History• Memoir•
Mom, 1984, From my private collection, used with permission/Heather Monroe

The questionable 1929 disappearance and lonely death of one of California’s wealthiest women

The San Francisco Examiner
San Francisco, California
29 Aug 1903, Sat • Page 4

The true crime story involving a deformed man who had an an illicit affair with his sister, murdered most of his relatives, and left San Bernardino shook

California, U.S., Prison and Correctional Records, 1851–1950

The Colorado Street Bridge is a historic and beautiful work of art that draws dejected people to its ledges in their most desperate final moments

Colorado Street Bridge, Pasadena California, 2020, Heather Monroe

The Knoxville Journal
Knoxville, Tennessee
21 Apr 1946, Sun • Page 36

Starved, overdosed, and drowned by her mother and aunts, Ocey Snead became the center of a scandalous murder in turn of the century New Jersey

His California murder spree spanned two terrifying decades and left a trail of missing children who may never be recovered.

Mack Ray Edwards, 1970 Police Photograph, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

The First

A 17-year-old homecoming queen from Redlands, California, shot to death by an unknown bandit turned murderer

The Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles, California
09 Feb 1948, Mon • Page 1

The Morning Call
Allentown, Pennsylvania
01 May 1920, Sat • Page 1

He married more women in a decade than he can recall and murdered most of them

Los Angeles Evening Express
Los Angeles, California
23 Jan 1930, Thu • Page 8

Beaten and strangled to death in 1924 downtown Los Angeles, Vera Stone’s murder remains unsolved

In 1920, ten year old Aurore Gagnon, died after suffering from years of torture in the hands of her parents

Restoration of this photo, circa 1919, created by the author. For the first time in a century, we have an idea of what Aurore may have looked like in life.

Heather Monroe

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