The Cruel Murder of Dorothy Schneider

How one man's dream helped solve the 1928 abduction and murder of a little girl from Michigan

Heather Monroe
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The Herald-PressSaint Joseph, Michigan17 Jan 1928, Tue • Page 1

It was Thursday, January 12, 1928, and Mable Schneider peered out of her window, expecting to see her little girl. Dorothy usually skipped up the front walk of their home at 559 Lorens Street in Mount Morris, Michigan, just in time for lunch.

On this day, though, Mable wouldn't see Dorothy scamper up the porch steps. Instead, she'd notice a stranger in an old pale-blue sedan. The beat-up car was the only vehicle on the road. Mable watched it moving slower than it should, almost as if it struggled to gain speed as it went up the hill and briefly stopped. Then, as the inclined road bent downward, the car sped up and turned sharply on Stanley Road.

Lunchtime came and went, but Mable's little girl never made it home. She couldn't have known, but the suspicious car that aroused her mother's intuition carried little Dorothy to her death.

About Dorothy

Dorothy Bernita Schneider was born on August 22, 1922, in Flint, Michigan. She was the only daughter of Leslie and Mable Schneider and a proud big sister to a baby brother who was three years younger.

Life in the Schneider home was blissfully unremarkable. Like most women of that era, Mable stayed home with the children while Leslie worked as a painter in a Flint automobile factory.

Dorothy was an incredibly loved little girl. She was small for her age but beautiful. She had baby blonde hair cropped into a tidy bob and bright blue eyes.

Dorothy was well-behaved but bashful. She had just started kindergarten that year. Her teacher recalled that Dorothy was so timid, she wouldn't even speak to her.

Before she started school, Dorothy's parents spoke with her about the dangers of talking to strangers. She knew better. Mable knew that the person who drove off with her forced her into his car.


Detroit Free PressDetroit, Michigan17 Jan 1928, Tue • Page 2



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