The Disappearance of Edith Wolfskill, Empress of the World

The questionable 1929 disappearance and lonely death of one of California’s wealthiest women

Heather Monroe
16 min readJun 13, 2021
The San Francisco Examiner
San Francisco, California
29 Aug 1903, Sat • Page 4

Edith Irene Wolfskill was born in California in May of 1872. Her parents were well respected, and wealthy California pioneers named John and Susanne Wolfskill (Nee Moore). Edith, the youngest Woflskill child, was an only daughter. She had two brothers named Nay and Matt.

John Wolfskill came to California in 1849 to join his father and brother, where the Wolfskills hit the motherload of Mexican land grants. They received over 17,000 acres surrounding the Putah Creek in Yolo County.

When John arrived, his father, Mathus, already cleared the land for farming and for his sons to build homes. They called land Rancho Rio de Los Putos. Yes, really.

At first, The Wolfskills made their fortune in agriculture on their ranch, which eventually became the town of Winters, California. Then, in 1874, the Wolfskills purchased nearly 4,000 acres in Los Angeles.

The new land, called Rancho San Jose de Buenos Ayres, would someday become the neighborhoods of Holmby Hills, Westwood, and Bel Air. In 1903, Susanne and John Wolfskill resided here with Edith at least part of the time.



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