The Disappearance of Tammy Lynn Leppert

Heather Monroe
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The beauty who vanished without a trace in 1983.

Tammy Lynn Lepppert from NamUs

Tammy Lynn Leppert was not your average 18-year-old. She was strikingly beautiful with blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a smile that lit up any room she entered. By this age, she already participated in 300 beauty pageants and won 280 of them. Tammy wanted more. She dreamed of being an actress and won parts in the movies Spring Break, Little Darlings, and Scarface. But on July 6, 1983, Tammy vanished seemingly into thin air. She leaves behind a host of friends and family who need answers. What happened to Tammy Lynn Leppert?


Tammy Lynn Leppert in the Orlando Sentinel, 07 SEP 1978

Tammy was born February 5, 1965, in Rockledge, Florida. Her mother, Linda Curtis, was a theatrical agent and her child was exquisite. She put Tammy in her first pageant at age four. Before long, Tammy was picking up parts in local commercials and eventually for Covergirl Magazine. Tammy’s pageant work led her to act. Linda told the Orlando Sentinal in 1978 that Tammy loved the stage. Tammy picked acting for the talent portion of her pageants because not many girls did and because directors went there to scout for acting talent.

In 1983, Tammy got her lucky break in the film industry. As a newcomer, she had small but memorable roles. Tammy played the girl who distracted the men in the lookout car during a drug deal gone bad In Scarface. Tammy had plans to go to Hollywood, where she likely would have made a successful career.


After filming wrapped on Springbreak, Tammy attended a mysterious weekend party. She was alone, and with an unfamiliar crowd. She didn’t speak of the party much after she came home, though it was evident something terrible happened. Tammy left an optimistic and bubbly young woman and returned sullen and extremely paranoid.

Tammy erupted in fits of paranoia and terror. She refused to eat food prepared for her, or from open containers because she thought someone might poison her. Tammy wouldn’t leave the house unaccompanied.
Her mother approached her and asked her what was going on. “Mom, what would you say if I…



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