The Horrifying Murder of Marion Parker

She was kidnapped from her Los Angeles school in 1927, her dead body laid at her father’s feet

Heather Monroe
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Left to right: Marion Parker, Her mother Geraldine, her twin sister Marjorie. Oakland Tribune, Oakland, California; 18 Dec 1927, Sun • Page 51

Los Angeles of the 1920s was no stranger to crime. The city of Angels had long ago lost its innocence. But in December of 1927, the gruesome murder of Marion Parker would rattle even the most hardened Angelino to the core.

Successful banker Perry Marion Parker married a beautiful woman named Geraldine Heisel in 1906. The couple lived at 1631 South Wilton Place, Los Angeles, California. On January 14, 1907, the Parkers were blessed with a son, Perry Willard Parker. Eight years later, on October 11, 1915, they welcomed identical twin daughters, Marjorie Helen and Marion Frances.

A Kidnapping

On December 15, 1927, a well dressed and well-spoken young man entered the office of Mount Vernon Junior High School in Los Angeles, California, where the 12-year-old twins were enrolled. He introduced himself as Mr. Cooper, and asked the school registrar, Miss Mary Holt, for “the Parker girl.”

Mr. Cooper told Miss Holt that his boss, Perry Parker, was in a terrible car accident and requesting his daughter right away. When Miss Holt asked, “Which one?” the man seemed surprised and answered, “Marion.”

School Secretary, Miss Naomi Flinton, brought the child to the office, and the two women excused Marion to leave with the stranger. They watched as she sauntered down the walkway. Mr. Cooper said to Marion, “Don’t cry, little girl. I’ll take you to your daddy.” She climbed into the passenger seat of a coupe, and Mr. Cooper spirited her away forever.

The Parker Home, Murderpedia, Public Domain Image


Geraldine became concerned when Marjorie came home without her twin, so she telephoned the girls’ schoolmates and friends. No one had seen Marion. Concern turned into fear when Perry received a telegram that read, “Do positively nothing till you receive special delivery letter, Marian Parker.

In a short time, a second telegram arrived:



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